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Furniture Cleaning

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Furniture Cleaning

No house or office is free of furniture, no matter how simple it is. The furniture is part of the interior design of your space and it reflects your taste, lifestyle, or the nature of your work. Cleaning the furniture is an integral part of the general cleaning of the home or office. It is not an easy matter to clean the upholstery and furniture of your house, as each piece has its special material that you should deal with carefully, for example, intense heat can rot upholstery fibers, as well as crack, and dry out leather. Also, sunlight can cause upholstery fabrics to fade.

Generally, we don’t have the enough experience in dealing with each textile and furniture type professionally. There are times when steam, scrubbing, vacuum, fabric protectors should be used, while in other cases, plain water is just enough. It all depends on the material of the furniture and whether there is a stubborn stain, slight dirt, or only some dust. One mistake in furniture cleaning can cause changing the whole piece, as when it comes to upholstery cleaning, cleaning methods are usually not the same, for example, leather sofa cleaners are different from fabric sofa cleaners. Many cleaning products may react with the fiber and cause hazardous results, that’s why you need a professional experience with different cleaning products in the market and to know how to clean each material perfectly.

The S Home Services platform is here to offer you the helping hand you need. S Home Services is a comprehensive mobile application and website that will make your life easier and help you maintain clean upholstery and furniture for your family and employees in simple steps. No need to worry anymore about the time and efforts required to get your furniture cleaned. The full cleaning work has now become way easier to complete.

We present to you the most convenient, handy, and reliable home services mobile application in the UAE. Through S Home Services you will be able to book all the services you need for your everyday life including maintenance, pest control, and cleaning.

How it works

All you need to do is downloading the mobile app, and selecting the Cleaning category where you can book deep cleaning, house cleaning, garden cleaning, furniture cleaning, water tank cleaning, office cleaning…etc. Choose the Furniture Cleaning sub-category, then the furniture type you need to clean. Furniture includes sofa with one, two, three, or four seaters, as well as L shape sofa, chairs, mattress, carpets, and curtains. Select the size of curtains and carpets per sqm, as well as the number of chairs, or couches you need to clean, and the size of the mattress you have (king size, queen size, single, double, baby mattress…etc.),

After selecting the required cleaning service, you will have to enter your home location, in addition to the preferred date and time to get service. Consequently, you will see in the results page a list of several cleaning companies in your area that provide home services. Read the reviews of other customers, and check the prices of each company. You can then compare and make a choice according to your preferences.

The skillful maids of the booked cleaning company will arrive at your doorstep on the specified date and time with all the required materials and cleaning products. The S Home Services team deals only with licensed, well-organized, trusted, and the best cleaning companies in the UAE, in order to guarantee your high satisfaction with the house cleaning services offered to you.