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Water Tank Cleaning

Type of Service
up to 500 gallons
up to 1,000 gallons
up to 2,500 gallons
up to 5,000 gallons
up to 10,000 gallons


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Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning has become a mandatory procedure as per the Dubai Municipality. The responsible person has to notify all the tenants and residents of the building where the disinfection is to be taken place about the service date and time of the water tank cleaning service. It is advised to get the water tank cleaned every 6 months.

Cleaning water tanks require professionals, it can’t be done by ordinary cleaning materials. You need to find trusted water tank cleaning companies to help you keep the tanks dirt-free. 


Book Water Tank Cleaning Services via S Home Services

The S Home Services platform is your link with the best water tank cleaning companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah…etc. Through the S Home Services mobile application and website, you will be able to book water tank cleaning services effortlessly. S Home Services is a comprehensive platform that enables its users to book any service online in a few clicks. All you need to do is downloading the app and visiting the Cleaning section on the home page. 
Under Cleaning, you will find different cleaning services. Select Water Tank Cleaning then the size of the water tank per gallon (up to 10,000 gallons). Then, you can identify the number of water tanks that need cleaning. Your selections will be added automatically to an electronic cart. Proceed with the booking process by entering your home or office location, as well as the preferred date and time to get the water tank cleaning service.

On the results page, you will see a list of water tank cleaning companies in Dubai or the area of your home or office. These companies can provide you water tank cleaning services at the time and date specified by you. 

You will also find the prices of the water tank cleaning services offered by these companies, as well as some reviews. Compare the rates of these companies, and pick what you prefer. Once booked, the water tank cleaning company, they will get a notification with your order and will arrive with all the required water tank cleaning materials and tools.

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