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Garden Cleaning

Type of Service
Small Garden (up to 100 sqm)
Medium Garden (101 sqm - 250 sqm)
Large Garden (251 sqm - 500 sqm)
Ground Cleaning
Outdoor Furniture Cleaning
Extra Large Garden (more than 500 sqm)


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Garden Cleaning

Your garden brings life to your home and office. Green healthy lawns, fruitful trees, blossoming flowers revive the ambiance of your place. The view of the lush green landscapes keeps you, your family and your employees relaxed, happy, and innovative.

There is no doubt that gardening is an essential task that should be done on a regular basis in order to keep your garden healthy and clean. It is also one of the most enjoyable cleaning activities to do. Gardening includes cleaning the ground, pruning, hedging, trimming and shaping shrubs, weeding, watering, removal of dead leaves, pest control, and fertilizing.

Though all of these factors and activities are indispensable, we usually don't give our gardens the time, care, and efforts they deserve, and that's certainly due to our busy schedules, daily hard work, and life responsibilities.

Moreover, many of us lack the professional experience in gardening, there are some common mistakes we make such as over-cutting the lawns, known as scalping, and digging wet clay soil, as well as overwatering, planting seeds out of season, less or over sun exposure, and many more.

Here comes the urging need to get some external help.

The S Home Services platform is there to help you take care of your office and home garden easily. No need to worry anymore about the lack of time or energy to do the gardening job, as through both of the S Home Services mobile application and website you will be able to book professional garden cleaning services wherever you are in the UAE, in just a few clicks. 

S Home Services is a comprehensive and convenient home services platform. It’s the first of its kind in the UAE to include all the required everyday-life services under one roof. Beside garden cleaning, our platform introduces to you the best house cleaning, furniture cleaning, deep cleaning, water tank cleaning, and office cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Al Fujairah, in addition to other service categories, such as pest control, maintenance, health, and beauty provided across the UAE too.

How it works

In order to book professional garden cleaners through S Home Services, you will need to download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store or visit the website www.shomeservices.ae. Then, head to the Cleaning category on the home page and click on Garden Cleaning. Under the garden cleaning, you will have to select the service you need like ground cleaning and outdoor furniture cleaning, you can also choose to do the garden clean up according to its size per square meter, for example, small gardens make up to 100 sqm, medium gardens start from 101 sqm to 250 sqm, large gardens start from 251 sqm to 500 sqm, and extra-large gardens are the ones more than 500 sqm.

After selecting the required garden cleaning services, you will need to enter your home/office address, in addition to the time and date of receiving the service. In the results page, you will see a list of reliable cleaning companies that provide top-notch home services in your area. Compare the prices, check the reviews of other customers, and choose the company you prefer to book and proceed with the online payment.

The booked company will arrive at your doorstep on the specified date and time with all the needed garden cleaning equipment and tools. 

S Home Services is keen on dealing with the most trusted and the best garden cleaning companies in UAE only to guarantee your satisfaction with all the delivered cleaning services.