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Water Tank Cleaning

Type of Service
up to 500 gallons
up to 1,000 gallons
up to 2,500 gallons
up to 5,000 gallons
up to 10,000 gallons


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Water Tank Cleaning

Water tanks are big containers used to store water for different purposes such as agriculture, gardening, firefighting, food preparation, industries and more. Water tanks have different types, they can be made of steel, concrete, plastic, fiberglass, in addition to versatile tanks like pillow tanks, and folding tanks. In the past, wood, ceramic, and stone were the most popular water tank materials, but nowadays, PVC tanks (polyvinyl chloride tanks) are widely spread; they are light in weight but robust and used as a replacement for metal water tanks and pipping. Water tanks are installed outdoors, under the ground or above the ground, usually in back yards.

Water drinking requires certain types of water tanks in order to keep the water clean and safe. One of the most popular water tank types is the overhead water tank, which is used for residential (domestic) purposes such as bathrooms, washing machines, kitchens, and commercial uses like restaurants and hotels. Overhead water tanks achieve even distribution for water flow and pressure.

Generally, Water tanks require regular cleaning. It is advised to get it clean every 6 months. They are more likely to include dirt, rust, and corrosion. The water tank needs to be emptied, scrubbed, disinfected and rinsed properly. Water supply should be cut-off before starting the cleaning procedure.

Water tank cleaning has become a mandatory procedure as per the Dubai Municipality. The responsible person has to notify all the tenants and residents of the building where the disinfection is to be taken place about the service date and time of the water tank cleaning service.

Cleaning water tanks require professionals, it can’t be done by ordinary cleaning materials. You need to find trusted water tank cleaning companies to help you keep the tanks dirt-free.

The S Home Services platform is your link with the best water tank cleaning companies in the UAE. Through the S Home Services mobile application and website, you will be able to book water tank cleaning services effortlessly. S Home Services is a comprehensive platform that enables its users to book any service online in a few clicks. All you need to do is downloading the app and heading to the Cleaning section on the home page.

Under Cleaning, you will find different cleaning services, such as garden cleaning, house cleaning, deep cleaning, furniture cleaning, and water tank cleaning. Select the size of the water tank per gallon (up to 10,000 gallons). Then, you can identify the number of water tanks that need cleaning. Your selections will be added automatically to an electronic cart. Proceed with the booking process by entering your home or office location, as well as the preferred date and time to get the water tank cleaning service.

On the results page, you will see a list of cleaning companies in the area of your home or office. These companies can provide you water tank cleaning services at the time and date specified by you.

You will also find the prices of the cleaning services offered by these companies, as well as some reviews. Read the reviews of other customers, compare the rates of the companies, and choose according to your preferences. Once booked, the cleaning company will get a notification with your order and will arrive at your doorstep on time with all the required cleaning tools and materials.

It is worth mentioning that the S Home Services team deal with licensed and reliable cleaning companies only, in order to ensure your satisfaction with the delivered services. Download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store and get the top water tank cleaning services in your area.