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Carpet Cleaning

Type of Service
Small carpet - 1 sqm
Medium carpet - up to 9 sqm
Large carpet - up to 13 sqm
Extra large carpet - up to 20 sqm

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a procedure that should be constant, proper and indispensable. Air dust, pollutants, and crumbs of food can easily get stuck in carpets. Carpet cleaning methods depend on the material and the texture of the carpet. Rugs and carpets need special care and special carpet cleaning products. You need carpet cleaners who have rich experience with cleaning different carpet types. 

Book Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai and All Emirates

The S Home Services platform will help you book professional maids and carpet cleaning companies to ensure delivering the best carpet cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah…etc. Now, download the S Home Services mobile application from Google Play or the Apple App Store, then head to the Cleaning category in the home pages.

Under cleaning, you will find Deep Cleaning, House cleaning, Garden Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning, Water Tank Cleaning, Office Cleaning…etc. Choose the Furniture Cleaning sub-category, and then select Carpet Cleaning. 

Specify the carpet size you have and the number of carpets you want to get cleaned. Small carpet size is up to 1 sqm, medium carpets are up to 9 sqm, large carpets are up to 13 sqm, and extra-large carpets are up to 20 sqm. Common carpet cleaning services include dry cleaning, steaming, vacuuming, encapsulation…etc. 

After selecting the required carpet cleaning service, you will have to enter your home or office location, in addition to the preferred date and time to get the carpet cleaning service done. Consequently, you will see in the results page a list of several cleaning companies in your area that can provide carpet cleaning services at home or office. It is advised to read the reviews of other customers, and check the prices of each company. 

All types of carpets such as Persian carpet cleaning, and office carpet cleaning in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah are available.