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Temporary Tattoo

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Temporary Tattoo


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Temporary Tattoos

Have you ever thought about getting a body tattoo before and then suddenly backed away from the idea? The reason for your regression may be your fear of pain, the high cost of permanent tattoos, or your fear of remorse, or even your fear of any infection as a result.

Here comes another brilliant alternative, which is a temporary tattoo. Temporary tattoos, also known as semi-permanent tattoos, represent a decorative pattern or image that is applied to the skin for a limited period of time. There are many types of fake tattoos such as stick-on tattoo which is applied like a sticker on the skin, another one is called rub-on tattoo that should be rubbed onto the skin with some pressure, and underwater, for seconds. The latter type lasts longer. In addition, some available temporary tattoos are waterproof.

Temporary tattoos are easy to change. You don’t have to struggle anymore with the idea of having something printed on your body for your whole life; however, you can still get those cool designs and still not regret it. In addition, they are considered safer to use when compared to permanent tattoos. Most importantly, temporary tattoos are affordable. This means you can get as many as tattoos on your body without worrying about the cost of every inch.

People tend to draw holy icons, names, sayings, butterflies, lions, dragons, flowers, or anything special to them. They draw tattoos on the back, arms, shoulders, legs, and thighs. A customized experience can be enjoyed with temporary tattoos too. These tattoos can be drawn by a special tattoo artist who uses paintbrushes and semi-permanent inks that are safe and painless.

Many fake tattoos are made of the decal. They are mostly sold in the form of tattoo paper, that even kids and non-professional individuals can easily use. There are elements that make up the temporary tattoo product which is the backing paper, silicone release coating (on which the tattoo image is printed) and the transfer film (which facilitates the transfer of the image onto the body), in addition to the tattoo ink and the adhesive substance.

Temporary tattoos can be removed in many ways such as olive oil, body scrubs, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, or hand sanitizer. After removing the tattoo apply some coconut oil or any moisturizer to keep your hand soft and healthy.

S Home Services is a comprehensive home services website and application, that is rich with many beauty services offered all over the UAE. Today, S Home Services offers you an exceptional temporary tattoo service that saves your time and money. You don’t need to go to the beauty salon and wait for your turn to get the tattoo. Through our website and mobile application, you will be able to easily book tattoo artists and beauticians who are experts with the usage and application of fake tattoos at good prices. All you need to do is selecting the Women category under Beauty and then select the Temporary Tattoo sub-category. After making the selection, you will need to enter your home location, as well as the preferred date and time to get the service. On the checkout, you will see in the results a list of beauty salons that provide temporary tattoo services in your area. Check the reviews of other customers, compare the prices, and make your choice.

The service provider will arrive at your doorstep on the determined day and time with all the tools needed, and with many designs also to choose from. The S Home Services team make sure to deal with reliable beauty centers and salons only, in order to guarantee your satisfaction with the service.