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Please note that the minimum order duration for this service is two hours.

House Cleaning

Type of Service
Bring Cleaning Materials
Number of Hours
1 Cleaner
2 Cleaners
3 Cleaners
4 Cleaners

*House Cleaning includes
(Floors, Ceiling, Walls, Windows, Doors, Shelves, and Home Appliances)

House Cleaning

A clean environment helps you stay fresh, relaxed, innovative, and happy. We all enjoy living in clean houses, where we can breathe pure air, sleep on pest-free mattress, step on impeccable floors, sit on spotless couch, and watch the fantastic sunny weather through clear windows; however, this will require you much time and great efforts in order to keep your surroundings clean and sparkling. Ever wondered how can some people keep their houses perfectly clean all the time and whenever you visit them, you will find their homes stunning?! People living in such homes most probably get the help of a part-time maid or at least clean up the house several times per week, so that dirt and dust do not accumulate.

Today, we all have a full schedule and busy lives. If you are working, then you know how it feels when you come back home after a long day of hard work and you can barely cook for dinner. Even if you are a housewife, you have heavy responsibilities put on your shoulders. You need to cook at least three meals, take care of your kids’ health, feed them, help them in studying…etc. At some point, you will find yourself restless and in need of some help.

The S Home Services platform is here to offer you the helping hand you need. S Home Services is a mobile application and a website that will make your life easier and help you maintain a clean house for your family in a few clicks. No need to worry anymore about the time and efforts required to get your house cleaned. The full housework has now become way easier to do.

We present to you the most convenient, handy, and reliable home services mobile application in the UAE. Through S Home Services you will be able to book all the services you need for your everyday life including maintenance, pest control, and cleaning. All you need to do is downloading the mobile app, and selecting the Cleaning category where you can book deep cleaning, house cleaning, garden cleaning, furniture cleaning, water tank cleaning, office cleaning…etc. Choose the House Cleaning sub-category, then estimate the number of cleaners you need. This depends on how big your home is. You can also specify whether you need the cleaner to bring cleaning materials or you have already got them. Then, determine the number of cleaning hours, bearing in mind that two hours is the minimum order duration. This also depends on the size of your home and the required efforts to clean it up. After filling in the details of the required cleaning service, you will have to enter your home location, in addition to the preferred date and time to get service. Consequently, you will see in the results page a list of several cleaning companies in your area that provides home services. Read the reviews of other customers, and check the prices of each company. You can then compare and make a choice according to your preferences.

The skillful maids of the booked cleaning company will arrive at your doorstep on the specified date and time with all the required materials. The S Home Services team deals only with licensed, well-organized, trusted, and the best cleaning companies in the UAE, in order to guarantee your high satisfaction with the house cleaning services offered to you.

It is worth mentioning that the home cleaning services offered through the S Home Services platform cover the cleaning of floors, ceilings, walls, windows, doors, shelves, as well as all your home appliances.


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