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Deep Cleaning

As the name indicates, deep cleaning represents another level of cleaning up your home or office. Basic cleaning includes general clean up like wiping and vacuuming the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room floors, as well as cleaning the cupboard doors, tables, chairs, and so on, using water or any other basic cleaning products; however, deep cleaning is about paying attention to the details and getting rid of hidden dust, dirt, and small stains.  It is a top to bottom scrubbing of your home, from ceilings to floors, Examples of deep cleaning include cleaning what’s between the tiles, behind the washing machine, under the sink, inside the oven, cleaning the room corners…etc.

Even if you lean on general cleaning most of the time, all homes and offices require deep cleaning from regularly as there are always unseen grime and germs that you don’t know about and cause your environment to be unhygienic and full of bacteria that makes you and your family sick. The cleaner your house the healthier you will be. Deep cleaning is the secret for getting back your apartment or office brand new and impressing your guests. Unfortunately, this process requires big time and efforts to be done as well as patience! In addition, you will have to buy certain deep cleaning products to make your life easier; however, deep cleaning indeed is not as hard and costly as it sounds.

Today, the S Home Services platform offers you the best deep cleaning services in the UAE. You don’t need to think twice or consider the big time and efforts required for deep cleaning or even the basic house cleaning. Now, through the S Home Services mobile application and website, you will be able to book the best cleaning companies in the UAE that provide basic house cleaning, garden cleaning, water tank cleaning, furniture cleaning and of course deep cleaning.

We all have busy schedules due to the everyday hard work, life responsibilities, and duties. S Home Services has brough to you the top cleaning companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all the emirates under one roof. Wherever you are in the UAE, you will be able to find a trusted cleaning company in your area that provides home services.

How it works

Download the S Home Services application or head to the Cleaning section on the website. Under Cleaning, you will find House Cleaning, Garden Cleaning, Water tank Cleaning, Office Cleaning, and Deep Cleaning. After selecting deep cleaning, you will have to select the type of your property; whether it’s commercial or residential. Choose between studios, apartments, villas, and offices. You can also order deep cleaning for more than one property.

An automatic cart will be filled with the chosen services; hence, you will need to enter your home/office address in addition to the required date and time to receive the deep cleaning service.

In the results page, you will see a list with the names of cleaning companies in your area that offer office and home deep cleaning. Have a look at the reviews of other customers, compare the prices and book the company you prefer.

The booked cleaning company will arrive at your doorstep on the specified time and date with all the required deep cleaning materials. You will be surprised with the results and how your space will look perfectly clean. We are keen on dealing with reliable and licensed cleaning companies only in order to guarantee your continual satisfaction.

Download the app now and enjoy the easy booking experience from the comfort of your home.