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Personal Trainer Ladies

Do you dream of becoming a fitness model? Do you wish you could get your old body back? Are you interested in a certain sports type or willing to learn dancing? Your body reflexes your daily activity rate and nutrition habits, that’s because what you eat is what you get! A good body shape requires a lot of hard work and many “NOES”. Commitment, consistency, discipline and daily motivation are the keys.

When you start working out, you need to define your goal; is it weight loss, muscle building, or weight gain? Your goal will indicate the type of workout you need for example if you need to lose fat, then you’ll have to focus on more cardio, while muscle gain requires more weight lifting.

One of the common myths many women believe is that working out will make them bulky. Bulky female bodies require some external factors like injections that can do hormonal changes to help them gain more muscles and become bigger. In fact, weight lifting will give the nice toned body you wish to get.

Going to the gym or the sports club regularly may sound impossible for many women, especially working moms. That’s why we have created for you the ultimate solution that will help you get the best of both worlds; which is professional personal training at home!

S Home Services is a comprehensive platform that offers numerous home services for busy individuals, such as cleaning, maintenance, home nursing, and more. We are proud to launch the My Health section which will help you care not only for your home but also for yourself! Through the mobile application and the website, you will be able to book the best personal trainers for ladies in your area and get their services in the comfort of your home.

These fitness trainers will help you get on track and will guide you through your fitness journey. Due to their rich experience, they will customize a training program for your body shape, a professional program that will help you achieve your fitness goals. It is also important to have someone who follows up and motivates you.

Choose the Personal Trainer category under My Health, then select For Ladies, you can also get personal coaches for your husband and kids.

A simple form will be shown to you. You can book a female personal trainer if you prefer so. Then, we will need to know the training program you want. Choose among multiple categories (swimming, bodybuilding, Pilates, yoga, swimming, dancing…etc.) Dancing is known for refreshing the mood, go for it if you don’t prefer traditional sports types.  There are also special training programs for pre and post-natal conditions.

Next, please specify the number of training sessions you need, and write to us any notes about the training, which you need to be considered, then enter your contact details (phone number, home address, email…etc.).

Once you click “Submit” your request will be received by several coaches that can provide home services in your area. They will go through it and contact you as soon as possible to discuss and co-ordinate the sessions. Compare their quotations and choose the best for you!