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Ramadan is the month of blessings, the month of fasting and giving, sharing and caring. The month which the old and the young wait for from year to year to practice its sacred religious rituals and enjoy its spirit and spirituality.

Ramadan vibes and festivities includes many social aspects, which are represented in the family gatherings for Suhoor and Iftar all around one table. Consequently, Iftar and Suhoor are more than just meals to have during the holy month of Ramadan. It's about sharing goodness with your family and friends and to prepare for fasting on the next day, as well as breaking your fast together.

Muslim families in the Arab world are accustomed to eating beans, yogurt, and eggs in Suhoor due to their nutritional benefits. In addition, this food helps in reducing hunger throughout the fasting hours of the day. As for Iftar, every home is distinguished by a special menu that mothers and wives eagerly prepare for family and relatives, and despite that, there are common Ramadan foods and sweets that are preferred by everyone during this blessed month, such as kunafa, qatayef, and dates desserts of all kinds.

Are you thinking about holding a Suhoor or Iftar event? Only through the comprehensive and integrated S Home Services application, we help you preserve the luster of the social aspects of the holy month, by connecting you easily with Suhoor and Iftar planners in one simple step.

Events experts will supply these gatherings with the most delicious foods and decorate the place with the famous Ramadan adornment if you wish, in addition to organizing the gathering itself and its settings in terms of space and time.

It is worth noting that companies used to organize an Iftar or Suhoor event for their employees each year, in order to consolidate the relationships between employees and as part of their corporate social responsibility, so, if you are a company owner or an official in the human resources department of your company and seeks to establish a Ramadan event for your employees, S Home Services application is your right destination, where specialists will take care of all the event details; from A to Z, including preparing and booking the venue for the Suhoor/Iftar, and catering to the event.

In case it's a family gathering, you may want to organize these Ramadan events in your home or villa garden. Events companies are also interested in this type of small-scale-gatherings, and they will assist you in all the stages.

How it works

Before you start, let's consider the following:

Event Type: Is it a family Iftar/Suhoor or a corporate Ramadan event?

Venue: Would you be having the Iftar/Suhoor party Indoors or outdoors? Will you book a restaurant or a special hall for your family/employees?

Event Timing: On what day and hour? And for how long will the event last?

Budget: What is the average amount you have set aside for the event? Based on your budget, you will be able to determine the location, menu...etc.

Number of Attendees: How many guests or employees will you invite? Will you only invite your employees or their families too? The number of guests is linked to the budget point.

Food Menu: Will you serve and Iftar/Suhoor open buffet or limited-quantity meals? What kind of foods and how many items do you want to serve? Do you prefer certain types of Ramadan dishes and sweets?

Ambiance: Do you want to add Ramadan decorations? Express your ideas.

Finally, fill in the form below with all the required details from your side, then send it. Event organizers will receive your request and then contact you as soon as possible by phone or email for coordination.