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The season of Christmas has an incomparable special character. As soon as the word "Christmas" is just mentioned, the image of the Christmas tree, Snowman, Santa Claus, and the song of "Jingle bells" and even the movie "Home Alone" leaps to mind.

Christmas is the season of love, lights, and snow, the season of sharing, caring and giving. People around the world, and children, in particular, are interested in the Christmas and New Year celebrations, and they yearn for this occasion from year to year. They wear a Santa Claus hat and wait for his gifts, decorate the Christmas tree with beautiful traditional decorations, and sing the cheerful Christmas carols. They wear red and green colors and build the Snowman.

What about you? Do you want to celebrate Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving differently this year?

The S Home Services app offers you an event organizing service through which you will be able to communicate with professional party planners in the UAE to plan your Christmas and Thanksgiving parties.

All you have to do is fill out the form below to describe your perception of the day, and your request will reach a variety of event planning companies who will study your request and respond to it directly as soon as possible.

Here are some points that may help you describe the party you want:

1- Invitations: Do you want to send invitations printed on creative Christmas cards? Or you will invite your guests via Facebook, WhatsApp or even by phone. The type of invitation is determined according to the type of guests. Make sure to invite your guests well in advance of the party.

2- Guests: Who will you host at this party? Family, friends, co-workers...? How many? Make sure to make a list of names well in advance of the party, so that you wouldn't forget anyone!

3- The Party Theme: Will it be a regular party? Or will you ask the guests, for example, to wear clothes in red and green Christmas colors? It can be a white Christmas party, and guests may dress up a Christmas costume like Santa and Rudolph?

4- The Party Venue: You can hold the party at your home or in the villa garden, also you can hold it in a dedicated place or a restaurant. The choice of the place depends on your preferences, your budget and the number of attendees.

5- The Party Timing: Choose a day and time that suits your guests, as most people are busy with other activities at the approaching end of the year.

6- Food and Beverages: You are completely free to choose the items presented at the party, but for Christmas and Thanksgiving, special foods are common and always there, such as turkey, Christmas cookies, Christmas cake…etc. Choose the items you like and what satisfies your guests.

7- Decoration and Ambience: You may need to purchase an additional Christmas tree or red-green ornaments, or the well-known Christmas star to center in the hall.

You can also play cheerful Christmas songs and carols in the background to enrich the celebration.

8- Games and activities: You can prepare Christmas games to entertain your guests, like asking them what they are thankful to have in their lives during the Thanksgiving party, or for example, prepare artworks such as origami for children as well as the coloring of Santa Claus and the Christmas tree pictures. You can also make friends and family participate with you in decorating one Christmas tree to enhance bonding and sharing spirit. Games and activities make your party more engaging and fun.

9- Budget: Your budget is the focus of all the previous points. According to the budget, you will determine the number of guests, the venue of the party, the menu...etc. Be sure of the amount of your budget before proceeding to the celebration.

Now that these points are listed above for you, we hope that you have formed an idea of ​​what you want for the party. More innovative ideas will be presented to you by the event experts.

You can also ask about ideas for New Year's and Christmas for companies and corporates.

Contact now the party organizers via the S Home Services app and get prepared to receive various offers tailored to your needs and budget. Enjoy an unforgettable Christmas / Thanksgiving party with your loved ones!