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Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a pre-wedding gift-giving party held specifically for the bride-to-be. It is mainly a time for guests to celebrate and “shower” her with well-wishes and gifts. The custom’s history is essentially rooted in the provision of goods and financial support to help ensure the wedding ceremony may take place. Sometimes, the bridal shower event can be considered an introduction setting the tone for the wedding ceremony.

You can do your friend a huge favor by taking on the responsibility of throwing the bridal shower. A two to four weeks preparation, however, can definitely be demanding and taxing. The requirements for bridal shower planning are too numerous and too detailed. You don’t want to be responsible for a subpar organization of such a significant day in the lead up to the wedding.

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Counter to popular belief, booking the services of bridal event planners doesn’t have to be overpriced. S Home Services helps you get the loveliest bridal shower planned effortlessly. Fill in the above form with your budget details, describe to us how you want the catering, bridal shower decorations, and background music. Submit your request and get ready to receive calls and emails with the event planners’ proposals.