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Bridal Shower

In anticipation of the wedding ceremony, the bridesmaids mostly, or another family member or friend, at times, will be in charge of hosting a bridal shower. This event is a pre-wedding gift-giving party held specifically for the bride-to-be. It is mainly a time for guests to celebrate and “shower” her with well-wishes and gifts. The custom’s history is essentially rooted in the provision of goods and financial support to help ensure the wedding ceremony may take place.

Besides the fact that more than one bridal shower may be thrown, showers typically occur two to three months before the big day. Invitations are usually sent out four to six weeks before the event, and the guests' count may go up to 50 people. Guests that are surely invited to the wedding itself. So the event can be considered an introduction setting the tone for the wedding ceremony.

You can do your friend a huge favor by taking on the responsibility of throwing the bridal shower. A four to six weeks preparation, however, can definitely be demanding and taxing. The requirements for planning the shower are too numerous and too detailed. You don’t want to be responsible for a subpar organization of such a significant day in the lead up to the wedding.

Besides determining the budget, with whom you will cooperate in the planning, and with whom you are splitting the bills, you will have to carefully schedule the date and time in consultation with the bride-to-be herself. After choosing the venue, determining the guest list, and sending invitations, you will need to go shopping for supplies. You will also have to tend to the catering meticulously. In addition to planning the menu, you will have to set up the décor to go best with the occasion. It would definitely be an added value to set up games and outdoor activities to keep the guests fairly entertained. All burdensome tasks of which you can relieve yourself easily by booking the services of an event planner.

Counter to popular belief, booking the services of event planners doesn’t have to be costly. It is only normal to be overwhelmed by all the aforementioned details. More evidently, it only makes sense to care as much about the financial aspect. That is why for most, even though the importance of booking an event planner is so evident, they still hesitate in concern over the budgetary burdens. Our portal aims specifically at providing you with a solution to that. We bring you nothing but the best rates for your next event to come, whatever its nature.

S Home Services is a free online platform that enables you to find credible event planners offering exceptional services across the UAE. You can choose from a wide range of rates for all the event planning services you need. We enable you to easily hire the best and most inexpensive licensed event planners in the country. Our platform gives you direct access to the best quotations possible. It is easy and simple. Head to our platforms, request a quotation for whichever event planning services you need and receive prompt replies of the best possible quotations in the market from the best event planning service providers. Your satisfaction and happiness are all that we aim for.

Throwing a party for someone else can at times hold more weight. That is more heightened when you are a part of the bridal party, a family member, or a close friend. Taking on such responsibility, and being trusted with it, means that you have no choice but to deliver. Hiring the right service provider will absolutely help you dodge going through the distressing experience that an awful organization can be. That is why we partner with nothing but reputable event planning companies that grant only the highest standards, with the sole aim of having the customer completely satisfied.